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Voice Recording

Human brain is incapable of remembering all the details of telephone conversation, especially if they are routine. Communication noise and disturbances in working environment can also redirect the attention from the telephone conversation and perhaps an important part of the conversation can be misheard.



Recording system variants


We developed the recording system for two basic purposes: personal (LRPersonal) and group (LRProfessional).


The simplest form is the LRPersonal, which is designed for a personal use of doctors, lawyers etc. Pizza delivery man can recheck delivery addresses, a sales agent can check and improve his/her communication skills. This software pack is designed for using the computer's sound card.



In professional environments, like call centers, contact centers, management centers and radio dispatch centers the LRProfessional solution is used.


LRProfessional is a highly stable, multichannel system that allows for recording radio and telephone conversations. The LRProfessional can record PAMR (Professional Analogue Mobile Radio), DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) and TErrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) systems.

The LRProfessional solution allows for recording of analogue and digital telephones as well as analogue and digital telephone exchange trunks. LRProfessional supports VoIP recording as well.



Every LRProfessional solution comes with an application, called Recordings Manager, designed for listening of the recorded conversations. This application also takes care of creating backups of the recordings and user rights administration.



Advantages of the Recordings Manager application are:


- search of the recordings by many criteria (agent, phone number, time, date, length, ),

- recordings are safe from unauthorized access and abuse,

- backup creation,

- supports copying of the recordings to other media for further investigation and emailing,

- supports remote listening of the recordings,

- allows for setting up a network of recording devices that sends recordings to a central server

- creates a log to track accesses to the system and listening to recordings.

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