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Public Transport Call Center

Call centers of the Ljubljana bus station and the Slovenian railways information center


Call centers are very similar in structure and the way they work. In both cases the main service is passing information regarding public transport  (domestic and international bus and railway connections).


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In both cases it is an incoming call center, which task is to manage calls in call queue. The calls are received to a call queue through a single public phone number, where they are waiting to be served by call center operators.


Professional communication server in connection with the Call center software ensures a suitable distribution of calls among the call center operators, even though the calls are coming in through a single public phone number. CTIServer allows complete administration of the call center and upgrading the system with an interactive voice response system, that greets the callers and informs them of the operators availability, based on the number of calls in the call waiting queue. The operators oversee the state of the call center through the CTIClient  program, where they can also listen to past phone conversations, recorded by the LRProfessional recording system.


Call center is in both cases only accessible during working hours. That is why we have developed an interactive voice response system that operates outside working hours. Ljubljana bus station implemented interactive voice response system that covers domestic bus route and schedule information and is directly connected to the Ljubljana bus station timetable database. The interactive voice response system allows simple navigation through the phone dial pad. Buttons from 0 to 9,  * and # are used. Interactive voice response system works on a principle of prerecorded messages with elements that are connected to the database. That is why it is available at all times.

Call center and CRM software of Slovenian railways complaint office


Call center communications rely on a professional communication server Siemens Hipath. The Call center consists of two modern computer work stations, equipped with professional telephones and headphone sets. This allows them to accept calls easier. Caller's telephone number (as long as it is not hidden by the caller) is retrieved with each call in the operator’s CRM application. The call number is automatically saved to the database of CRM program, that was developed especially for this department . This helps the operators, who can concentrate fully on the phone conversation. The calls are recorded by the LRPersonal recording system to increase the service quality.


When the Slovenian railways complaint office’s free telephone number is called, the caller is greeted by the call center interactive voice response system at first. If all the operators are occupied or unavailable, the voice mail system is activated, where the caller can leave his/her voice message. Call recordings and voice mail messages are saved digitally.


All the data from the voice mail system, the phone conversation recordings, and other data are available to the operator through a simple user interface of the CRM software, where the content of each case under investigation is logged. The program allows high level of data structure and further CRM statistics, which aids the better complaint case handling quality and improves Slovenian railways services and customer satisfaction.


Upgraded call center started operating in early March 2009. System allows full management of complaints and praises through a specially developed user interface and uses technologies that allow for a central complaint / praise data management in digital form. With the above, our mission is not jet completed. We will continue to improve and develop the application in accordance with the needs of the Department of research and development and upgrade the application with the technological advancements in the field of CRM.

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