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CTIServer is an application that takes care of call greeting and managing the call queues before the call is taken over by the operator. The CTIServer collects statistical data and manage current operator's states. The program receives all of this data through "CTI link" that is established with the telephone exchange. The CTIServer and the telephone exchange operate together as one system.


CTIServer program is a server application that runs non-stop on a computer server of the call center. The computer server can serve as a database server and a call recording server too. CTIServer takes care of suitable call control and saves all the data to an SQL database. User interface of the CTIServer program shows current states of the operators, calls, work stations and the greeting schema. All this data can be inspected by the Call Center Manager application. Operator's applications CTIClient connect to the CTIServer, exchange the data and present the relevant data to operators.



-† direct telephone exchange connectivity gives quality data,


-† centralized system, which gathers all the data from communication routes in the call center


-† shows current states in the call center


-† with incoming call centers the calls are distributed equally among the operators,


-† in case of operator's unavailability, a call queue is formed,


-† ability to arrange calls in a fair call queue

†† or setting incoming call priorities,


-† CTIClient program connection, which can be

†† customized to suit the operatorís needs.