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Call Center Manager



Call Center Manager (CCManager) is a program designed for call center's history statistics overview. It allows insight into occupancy of: incoming lines, agents, agent groups, work stations. The manager can survey called and caller phone numbers list. The program creates reports on quality of the inbound service measured in average call queue waiting period for the calls of a selected period of time.


On the basis of CCManager overviews, the manager of the call center can decide on call center working hours, the number of agents needed in the given timeframe of a day, a week or a year. The manager can check for the efficiency of his decisions and the productivity of the call center operators by looking into data such as number of calls accepted, missed and logged in, availability and work times. Export to Excel allows the call center manager to easily create charts and further calculations over the data. Here he/she can also create a final report for the executive management.



-  centralized insight of overall call center business processes,


-  easy handling,


-  large collection of data overviews, sorted by many different criteria,


-  export to Excel support of each individual overview,


-  high data quality due to the gather of data directly from the communications server,


-  easy data preparation for further statistical analysis,


-  a handy tool for business decision making over a call center.



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