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Radio Dispatch Center NDC-DICOM++

Radio dispatch center NDC-DICOM++ is a computer supported system that allows integration of radio, phone and data communications in one system.


NDC-DICOM++ allows operators to easily control many radio calls and status messages. Operators of the NDC-DICOM++ system oversee, prioritize and direct radio and phone voice and data communications with mouse clicks, keyboard, or simply by touching a touch screen.


The system is indispensable in military, fire department, police department, coast guard, as well as civil protection, medical emergency, power distribution services. Basically it is indispensable anywhere, where the operators have to serve many different radio networks and telephony systems build on different standards promptly and efficiently.


Because of efficient hardware and software development, the NDC-DICOM++ system is an achievement of advanced technology in the radio dispatch center field. The basic guide when designing the NDC-DICOM++ was: user friendliness for the operator, high level of system reliability, compliance with the existing and legacy standards and availability of the radio system communication logs. NDC-DICOM++ is the product of many years of development and testing in real environments.

The NDC-DICOM++ system is an open system model, designed to be adaptable to requirements of individual radio dispatch center:


-  NDC-DICOM++ is a system that allows customers to connect to many current and legacy communication systems. E.g. radio and telephone communication systems, radio-relay systems, modems, recording and other devices. It allows for bridging communication systems that usually can not be interconnected. In this way operator can bridge the police and emergency medical, or any other, network for the field workers to exchange information.


-  Basic NDC-DICOM++ system module allows connection of 8 analogue or digital professional radio stations. Additional modules can be added to the system for connecting more radio stations. This way we can build a radio dispatch center with 16, 24 or more radio networks.


-  Enclosure that contains modules of the NDC-DICOM++ system are made to fit in a 19" communication rack. The height of a NDC-DICOM++ enclosure is only 2U. This allows for an easy upgrade in a number of channels.


-  The program interface NDC-DICOM++ can be adaptable to the customer's requirements.