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Police Command Center

Use of Product and Solutions in dispatch center



Police activities need a lot of communication and control for being effective in their work. The coordination among police teams is crucial for quality intervention activities.


In the command and control center voice recording helps to make the archive of phone and radio calls for the later support.  It helps to improve the quality of decisions of the leaders too. The most efficient solution for voice recording is LRProfessional recording system with the application for listening calls, named RecordingsManager. System can take stable and quality recordings of the phone and radio calls. Archives of the recording are protected from unauthorized user access.


Dispatch center covers management of the phone and radio calls. Efficiency of this process is achieved by using the NDC-Dicom++ and CTIClient programs which are adopted to the police environment and are in the frame of Call Center products and solutions.




GIS and Tracking solution enables the dispatch center to effectively react to intervention requests. Software for GIS and Tracking can automatically calculate the closest police intervention team send them to operation with location and event details. GIS and tracking system can in that way eases and quicken the response of a police team.


Field use of our solutions


Field work of police officers is diverse considering all possible kinds of events. They often need to identify persons or vehicles and match the documents in the field with central database. The documentation of these events is a part of the police work.


In this case the system use different communication channels (GSM, DMR-MOTOTRBO, TETRA). All that channels enables mobile data transfer. The fieldwork is covered by the solution similar to NMP3000mobile, which can use all data channels. The program is operated by the touch-screen tablet PC and easy to use. The Tablet PC computer can be fix mounted into a vehicle or can be used wirelessly if Wi-Fi network is established around the vehicle.



We gathered a lot of experience in the business cases of EMS and establishment of mobile command and control centers for fire fighters and civil protection service. We can offer you a professional services and advise regarding networks and solutions that best suit your business case and the way you operate.

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