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Handover of the PV2 command vehicle in operational use to the CBZIR forces and Poček field exercise; April 2009


On sunday,19th of April 2009, fire department performed the field exercise "Arson 2009" on Slovenian military training ground - Poček. The PV2 command vehicle, from which the exercise was led by the intervention leaders, took part in the exercise. This was the first time an exercise was led by computerized standard operative procedures. Overview of terrain and locations of fire department teams was achieved by geographical information system. Radio and telephone dispatch center were used.


More information on the subject can be found in the firefighters case study. We have attached some photos from the field exercise.




Slovenian railways customer complaint and praise call center upgrade; March 2009


In cooperation with employees of the research and development sector (complaints) we have succeeded in upgrading the Slovenian railways customer complaint and praise call center  which creates research and development service data. Hardware (new up-to-date telephones, connected to the PCs and up-to-date communication server) as well as software (voice recording, interactive voice response for greeting caller outside call center's working hours) of the call center were upgraded and a brand new, freshly developed application was designed for complaint management, which allows the collection of all needed data and supports statistical processing for making more efficient management decisions.


The Slovenian railways customer complaint and praise system was introduced in the Sopotnik (fellow passenger) magazine. The column can be read on the link below.




Contribution about Field Use of Computers in Emergency Medical Systems at the International Conference EUSEM 2008 in Munich; September 2008


As the development of the field application NMP3000mobile came to an end and as we already had a first application prototype, we arranged testing of the application on a tablet PC with the doctors of the SNMP ZD Ljubljana in the University Clinical Center Ljubljana as well as in the field with an emergency team.


On the symposium in the Bavarian capital we have presented the contribution, that shows fieldwork optimization as a result of use of application that embeds EMS protocols. You can find further details in the summary (project goals) and in the presentation bellow.





Slovenian PHE (pre-hospital units) meeting and presentation of the computerized field work of emergency teams; July 2008


On the 11th of July 2008 the principal of the SNMP ZD Ljubljana, Mrs. mag. Renata Rajapakse, dr. med. spec., hosted the meeting that members of emergency teams from all over the country of Slovenia attended. Meeting took place in one of the conference rooms in Tehnološki park Ljubljana. Informatization of the EMS units, information exchange between dispatch center and EMS unit, field work with a field computer, the NMP3000mobile application and the example of a successful informatization of the Ljubljana Emergency Ambulance Station, where the core and some supporting business processes are fully computerized, were pointed out.


Our company presented the system and the NMP3000mobile field application use in overall process of pre-hospital emergency medical service in the field. New, fully computerized ambulance vehicle with full connectivity was presented by the Ljubljana Emergency Ambulance Station.


Here are some photos of the event:



XNMP project presentation and contribution at 15. MSUM; June 2008


This year we participated 15th international emergency medical symposium in Portorož. Because we are somewhere in the middle of our XNMP project development, we presented our achievements in pursuance of the project plan and explained guidelines for what we are planning to develop in the future. More information on contribution can be found in the "pdf" file.




Visit of presidents Janša and Barroso at Tehnološki park and a short conversation with Mr. Barroso;  May 2008


Companies within Tehnološki park Ljubljana were today, the 8th of May 2008, visited by presidents Janez Janša and Jose Manuel Barroso. In their speech, they mainly talked about development of entrepreneurship in Slovenia and guidelines for the future. At the end there was some time for a more relaxed, informal meeting with both guests, where we have introduced ourselves and briefly presented our products and solutions. The visit was photographed. We have included two of them below.



UKC Ljubljana Emergency Ambulance Station acquires a new vehicle, equipped with a field application on a tablet PC and full data communication system; May 2008


The media presented the acceptance of a new modern ambulance vehicle by Ljubljana Emergency Ambulance Station. One of the fundamental novelties is the full communication equipment of the vehicle, that allows data transfer between the dispatch center and the field team. Another important gain is the field tablet PC with a test version of our field NMP3000mobile application installed. Because of its communication equipment the vehicle is able to receive intervention data from dispatch center and is allowed for easy protocol guidance on computer and NMP3000mobile application as well as sending data to dispatch center.


New vehicle acceptance and its features were published in various media: UKC utrip, Ona, Večer, STA, Viva, Avto fokus, Finance, Žurnal, ... We have included some pictures from the STA agency.




Days of civil protection of Slovenia, ZiR 2007, and our presentation on the RUZR exercise; October 2007


This month we presented ourselves in Nova Gorica on the Days of civil protection with the ICT vehicle of the Slovenia Civil Protection. The vehicle was built in cooperation with the ET Communications company and the CB radio club Soča from Nova Gorica. The vehicle primary assignment is intervention management in the case of large-scale events. It has modern and full ICT equipment. More in the presentation below.


ZiR2007_ ICTVozilo_prezentacija.pdf


Starting the project "Information and Communication System for Management and Control over the Emergency Medical Services"- (XNMP) - in the frame of the program "Technologies for Safety and Peace", executed by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia; July 2007


After selection through public tender for the technology program "Technology for security and peace 2007", that was co-financed by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia, we were selected for the implementation of the XNMP project. There will be over  300,000 EUR invested in the project and the main goal is the development and informatization of the EMS sector over many fields. Professional communication paths will be tested (TETRA), application for patient treatment will be developed, research of the telemedicine implemented over a broadband wireless connection (HSDPA) and information exchange between the emergency call center and the emergency ambulance vehicle will be completed.


Project leader is our company, consortium consists of the University Clinical Center Ljubljana (emergency ambulance station) as a representative of the profession and the Jožef Štefan Institute as a developer of advanced communication systems.


The project will conclude in fall 2009 and by then prototypes of all systems from different areas addressed by the project will be created.


Participation with contributions at two International Conferences; June 2007


The conferences are SZUM in Portorož and MEDICON, which took place in Ljubljana this year. It was our first time on the MEDICON conference. We have addressed the general problem which occurs in the emergency medical assistance documented on paper. In cooperation with PHE Ljubljana we presented at the SZUM conference in Portorož the work of emergency team in the field, the use of field computer and specially adapted program that supports the process. More information on contributions is in the following "pdf" documents.








Contributions at DSI and SDMI conferences; April 2007


In April we presented ourselves with our products at two conferences. Miran Kirm presented the content of the development and implementation project for the NMP3000dispatch application at the Ljubljana Emergency Ambulance Station on the Days of Slovenian informatics in Portorož.


The other contribution was presented to the Conference »Medical Informatics 2007« of the Slovenian Medical Informatics Association in Zreče, where we talked about electronic ordering of non-urgent services. The article was subsequently published in a professional scientific journal called "Informatica Medica Slovenica". Both contributions are available in "pdf" format.






Participation at the Conference on Medical Informatics 2006 in Zreče; June 2006


In Zreče we presented the contribution on disadvantages of paper-based documentation of treatment of patients in emergency medical assistance. We implied the reasons for development and introduction of an EMS information system. More details in the attached article.





Participation at the 12th International Conference on Emergency Medicine in Portorož; June 2005


At the conference we presented the contribution that defines the EMS information system as a comprehensive solution. Details can be read in the accompanying article.





Participation at the 11th International Conference on Emergency Medicine in Portorož; June 2004


In June 2004 on 11th MSUM we presented the contribution on the emerging new dispatcher program that covers EMS. The program was developed in cooperation with the Emergency Ambulance Station of the Ljubljana Clinical Center. Attached article and presentation are in the "pdf" format below.






Ljubljana Emergency Ambulance Station is testing the Dispatch 2004 software package


In January 2004, the Ljubljana Emergency Ambulance Station decided to switch to computerized dispatcher program. Thus, there is no need to distribute forms manually to different departments of emergency ambulance station. Dispatch 2004 application pack takes care of everything. Currently, the software package is being tested. This will be followed by the phase of personnel education. Of course, we will upgrade and adjust the application pack so, that it will suit our customer. This will save the emergency ambulance station a lot of time on form entry, supply them with relevant intervention data and allow them to track individual phases of the rescue process.




LR32Pro recording system, a successful export product


Our professional recording system LR32Pro is becoming increasingly popular recording device. At the end of 2003, we sold quite a few recorders. We equipped two large international companies. New satisfied customers are Nova Gorica Emergency Ambulance Station and SPS Gynecological Clinic of Clinical Center Ljubljana. From Slovenia and from abroad LR32Pro supports complex business processes of Monte Negro Elektro privreda and of company Gazprom, the largest extractor and distributor of natural gas from Russian Federation.




Lek introduces a free phone number 080 23 34


Lek is aware of the importance of informing their clients. That is why it introduced a free phone number 080 23 34, on which customers can obtain information on their products from a live informant every working day between 12 and 14 hour. Outside these hours, information is given through an interactive voice response system IVR32.



Ljubljana Administrative Unit introduces an interactive voice response system



Ljubljana AU has for a long time faced with the lack of staff to cover all the information that  customers needs. Customers require availability of information outside working hours as well. This is why they have decided for a professional interactive voice response system IVR32, that allows automatic information passing in case of informant occupancy. Outside working hours the system gives the information on working hours to customers. The solution allowed Ljubljana AU to increase the number of informed customers without increasing the staff. It allows for information to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Lek's mobile pharmacy


The people are more and more mobile. As customers they require a comprehensive and reliable information on products and services wherever they are. Lek d.d. is a Slovenian company of a world format. This is why they have decided to offer their customers information over our professional interactive voice response system IVR32.



Abanka acquire the new call center


Abanka has decided for a contemporary solution - call center CTI32, that serves in increasing the productivity of business processes that take place over the phone. It also allows better control over the agents and the call center as a whole.
Check out the mask on agent's work station.


m35i.gif (9877 bytes)


Computel sponsors the Clinical Center Emergency Ambulance Station


Clinical Center Emergency Ambulance Station and its employees save lives every day. They work in extremely difficult conditions in three shifts. If we add to that the obsolescence of the technical equipment, we find that the working conditions are unbearable. Computel has therefore decided to join in sponsoring the campaign, which is also sponsored by Hermes Soft-Lab, Nikor, Siemens, Microsoft and others.


Computel has equipped the Clinical Center Emergency Ambulance Station with software and  partly the hardware for call centers.