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Recording system LRProfessional is a high quality digital system for recording and archiving any type of audio signals in most demanding environments. We can arbitrary adjust the configuration of the recording system to customer requirements. Recording system LRProfessional can record analogue audio signals (e.g. analogue telephones, public exchange lines as well as radio devices, etc.). It can record digital audio signals (e.g. ISDN telephones, exchange connections such as ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI E1 or T1) or system digital telephones (Alcatel, Aspect, AVAYA, Bosch -Tenovis, EADS - Astra, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Inter-tel, LG, Matra, Mitel, NEC, Nortel, Panasonic, Philips, Rockwell, Samsung, Siemens, Toshiba). LRProfessional can also record VOIP communications (Cisco Call Manager - Skinny, Avaya Office Manager - H.323, IP Office Ericsson - H.323, Nortel - Unistem/SIP, SIP - Station Side/ Trunk Side, H.323 - Station Side/ Trunk Side, Alcatel OmniPCX 4400, Siemens Hi-Path 4000, Intertel CS-5200). We can configure recording system in many variations, depend on the number of recording channels. This variations can increment number of channels by 4 or 8 channels. E1 and T1 connections increments by one.



Why do I need this?


If you have important conversations, if you need a proof about conversation content, if you need a rightful decision in case of disagreement, than you need recording system LRProfessional. Have you ever been in a situation, where you had to solve a disagreement between two parties, each presenting its own version of a story? You can be sure, that your decision will be rightful with recording system LRProfessional.


Most people that operate magnetic tape recording system have experienced the problem when the tape runs out suddenly. In this situation important data may be lost. When circulating magnetic tapes, the tapes wear out soon. Recording system LRProfessional eliminates all of this problems. Recordings are automatically saved, they are tagged, in case of permanent storage mode they are backed up to CD or DVD. This prevents the recordings to be lost or destroyed.






-  High quality archiving that not degrade over time.

-  Easy searching for recordings.

-  Hard disk can store up to 300.000 hours of recordings.

-  Permanent storage to DVD.

-  Listening of recordings on remote computers.

-  Many recording devices can form recording network with central storage.

-  API interface enables partner companies to integrate Screen Pops in their applications.

-  Rightful decisions in case of disagreement.

-  With the recording system LR32Professional you can improve communication skills with customers.

-  No need for changing the tape when recording.

-  No need for searching the appropriate tape or cassette, no need for rewinding the tape until the wanted recording is found. Recording system offers a very easy, but powerful application for searching and playing older recordings.


Practical Usage:


-  Call Centers

-  Emergency Medical Services

-  Fire Brigades

-  Rescue Centers

-  Security Services

-  Banks and other Financial institutions

-  Firms dealing with General Public

-  Taxi

-  Food Delivery, Cinemas, Theatre, etc.



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