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Emergency Medical Software

Dispatch center solution

NMP3000dispatch is an application for ambulance dispatch center. The application is based on universal standards used in emergency medical dispatch field all over the world. It was developed in cooperation with Slovenian doctors and emergency medical technicians, who have been successful in the field of medical services. It is available to domestic  and foreign customers.



-  Accepting intervention via phone call.

-  Computer telephony integration.

-  Accepting non-urgent transport orders from hospitals and community health centers programs electronically.

-  Planning of non-urgent transports.

-  Pre-dispatch protocols.

-  Post-dispatch instructions.

-  Dispatching incidents and transports in accordance with priority and other relevant dispatch data.

-  Mapping and GPS vehicle tracking.

-  Accepting statuses via radio system.

-  Listening to the operators last  calls.

-  Statistics.


Field emergency team solutions

NMP3000mobile is an application for managing the documentation in the field while the emergency team is working. It corresponds to comparable world work standards in EMS. It is also upgraded so that it supports all required

data and printouts needed by the emergency medical service protocols in Slovenia. The application can be customized to other national standards and printouts as well. It also includes additional help and automatic parameter computing (e.g. GCS, APGAR etc.).


-  Accepting intervention data (priority, main complaint, location, patient data etc.) from dispatch system.

-  Copying relevant intervention data from dispatch center to adequate report increases productivity significantly, since there is no need to enter all the data in the field, just the data that weren't inserted previously by the dispatcher.

-  Different gadgets helping doctor/technician in acquiring adequate demographics and medical data (medical conditions, vital signs), regarding patient as well as documenting medical and non medical actions (transport).

-  Includes status reporting to dispatch center.

-  Includes support for material consumption and elaborating an order form.

-  Includes support in cases of transport refusal.

-  Includes support in case of trombolysis.

-  Includes support in case of giving birth.

-  Includes support for mapping and navigation.

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